Clinical Team​

Our Clinical Team gives our patients the highest quality of care with the best possible outcomes.  We understand that the health and well being of our patients matter most.  Our professionally trained, courteous and patient sensitive team makes sure that our patients are treated with the highest regard, whether in the office, hospital, nursing home, assisted living or online via our Telemedicine app. We strive to keep the continuity of care once you give us the privilege to care for you.


Cleveland Area

Portrait of Modrag Zivic

Miodrag Zivic



Martin Smith


Portrait of Diedre Bobincheck

Deidra Bobincheck

NP-C – Vice President

Sandra Wolfe Lavelle

Psychiatric Specialist NP-C, DNP, PMHNP-BC

Elina Ozerskiy

Esthetic Specialist / Master Injector RN, MSN

Erin Sibben Stewart